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Für alle deutschsprachigen Leser:

Ihr habt alle meinen Beitrag hier: gelesen. Ja, da war ich noch vollkommen überzeugt von diesem Unternehmen. Doch nun haben sich die Zeiten offensichtlich gewandelt. Ich lasse in Zukunft die Finger weg von Bitgold. Alles weitere jetzt hier auf englisch für meine internationalen Leser und Freunde:

First of all, read this Blog: to understand what happend! This guy they have stolen  him more than 9500 Australien Dollars.

Thankfully, my loss is not nearly as large.

They have, when they came new to the market, asked us for them to advertise. We should invite our friends so that they could grow. They have paid us for it. They told us that they will check for 60 days, whether or not our recommendations are good. That’s OK! But now, after our friends were recruited and earned us the gold was credited, they rob our accounts empty …
You change retroactively their conditions and grab our balances.

At the moment, they tell us that there are different gold: Traditional Gold and Promotional Gold! Is there anyone who can seriously tell the difference? In my eyes, gold is gold. And earned is earned.

Let’s just hope that they do not even steal the gold purchased.

To all who have followed my recommendation: Sorry!

My new recommendation: Stay away from BITGOLD!

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